Tuesday, February 6, 2007

SCM2 - Shuttle Craft Monograph Two 1961

SCM2 - Sample One

2/20 wool black and natural

Assorted wefts, using alternating picks of thick and thin. For thin, use 2/20 wool. For thick, use an assortment of yarns. Picks alternate dark, light, dark, light. Either the light or the dark can be chosen to alternate thin and thick. Play around with a lot of color combinations in the weft.

First Sett:
Using a Leclerc rigid heddle loom sett at approx. 6 epi. Weave swatches approx. 12" wide.

Measure a 5 yard warp holding the light dark and light yarns together. Make 73 warp ends in order to have black at each selvedge. Add 2 more black to double sley the black selvedge yarns.

S1/N1 (Sample One, Number One)
Black and Natural Panda Woolbale 8-ply sportweight wool yarn from Australia (50g/91m)
Black 2/20 wool


FYI: Link to Weaving Record PDF
Weaving Record

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