Thursday, February 8, 2007

Studio 1

On the Gem Trail

What I learned:
I wove this piece on the rigid heddle loom with the warp threaded at 6 epi in a log cabin weave. I used a natural and linen color 8/4 carpet warp for the warp. For the weft I used rags and the linen color carpet warp. I threaded in log cabin weave and wove the piece using the sketch above. For the fabric weft I tried to stay true to the art piece that was the inspiration for this project. (See below). I had trouble finding all the appropriate colors of fabric. (Searching for good buys on eBay.) I did finally spot a nice one that suggested the color of amethyst. So then I was off and running.

I also knew it would be difficult to get a good solid beat for a rag rug on the rigid heddle loom so I was hoping for a funky table runner or wall hanging. Of course, the real test is when you unroll the piece from the loom and finally have a look at it. As I was weaving I kept thinking of this narrow bit of wall in the living room. So the piece became a wall hanging in my mind and it did indeed turn out funky! Because of the narrow bands of log cabin the piece has an African strip weaving look to it. The "braid" formed by the clasped weft added a vertical texture also. The ivory and linen color warp muted the fabric colors considerably. The piece has an antique feel to it.

I'm re-threading the warp to do another weaving using Reynolds Lite-Lopi as the weft. (I liked the colors and it's a good buy online.)

Here's a photo at the 95 exit off the I-40 to Searchlight, NV. We took the left back over the freeway, parked and hiked a bit around the volcanic rocks.

I should be so lucky. Well, this amethyst did come from San Bernardino county and there is always next time!

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