Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kentucky in Spring

8/2 cotton (Halcyon) doubled in 6 epi rigid heddle reed
D = Dark Grey
L = Light Grey

2/8 Maine Line Wool (Item 22 Halcyon)
Colors in cartoon

The Log Cabin block will be outlined in black wool.
The draft is log cabin weave, alternating dark and light in the warp and the weft.
Each square on the graph paper equal 1". The total width is 22".
The center red of the quilt block is made up of 4 1" blocks, and the rest are as drawn. Weave the weft in tapestry weave to achieve as crisp a line as possible.

May return to add some texture and color in the black border. Purchasing the wool weft as needed.

Kentucky Redbud in bloom. It's funny. I kept picking up that color without every seeing Redbud.

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